It’s Time to Lose Well. 

I made a poster. I tried to include as many people from TCGS as I possibly could while still maintaining some symmetry in the image. Whatever direction the show takes over these next couple of weeks, I’ll be along for the ride. If it’s going to stop, then it’ll stop. If it’s going to continue, then it’ll continue. I’m just happy to have stumbled across this little public access show on the internet a couple of months ago and subsequently the countless hours I’ve spent invested in these crazy motherfuckers. It has introduced me to a bunch of comedians, musicians, and friends that I could never replace in my life. And I can definitely say it has made me comfortable with never being the cool kid. Best of luck in “burning it down” (whatever that entails) in these next couple of episodes. 

(side note: credit goes to jewel frankfeldt photography for taking the awesome pictures, I just cut em up)


All of Mike Wieringo’s keen covers from Sins of Youth, a now-ancient DC fifth-week event where Klarion the Witch-Boy uses magic to try and de-age all the super-heroes so they can be destroyed—only to be interrupted, with hilarious results.

All the adult super-heroes become teenagers, all the teenaged super-heroes become adults, and all the senior super-heroes of the Justice Society end up as a preteens.


Sega / Vic Tokai
Mega Drive / Genesis

Source: retromags.com


"Lucifer implies demons. I have none as of yet, but I probably should initiate a few …"

The Wicked + The Divine #2